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Please Watch Video Before Going To Links & remember the best way to help is Prayer! is where you can join the collab….


You can donate goods for babies that you may have in your home here per their list:

Baby Items Donations:

We are always in need of various items that would be helpful to an expecting or new mother. Please call to find out our current needs and to schedule a time to stop by our Center to donate any of the following types of items:
Disposable diapers
Baby food / formula
Maternity clothing
Baby clothing (up to 2T only, please)
Crib sheets
Baby bottles
Bottle nipples
Baby toiletry items
High chairs
Car seats-infant, toddler, and booster
Exersaucers-Not currently accepting
Swings-Not currently accepting

Tax-deductible gift receipts are available at your request for any donation made.

Author: Jim Blake

I am the project leader for Young Christians (Speak Out). I am also the National Chairman of Concerned Christians Canada, and am the husband of one wife and father of six children. I have been a guest speaker at church events have been involved in pastoral conferences, have been a presenter at political events involving both Christians and non-Christians and have advocated for the rights of individuals who have been persecuted for sharing their faith. I have been a spokesman for Christian values in the secular media and on Christian Radio and TV. Also, I have been in talks with leaders from Church and Parachurch organizations and have had one-on-one meetings with high ranking politicians. Praise be to God for the doors that He opened for me to minister and work for God and the kingdom. To learn about Concerned Christians Canada, feel free to visit

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