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How You Can Get Involved

How can you get involved? That is a great question! However before I begin, if you are new here, or have never read the article Welcome to Young Christians, I would highly recommend that you read that article before this one. That article talks about what we are all about and our goals as a ministry. Then come back here and find out how you can get involved!

Young Christians (Speak Out) is a global ministry with the aim of not only getting young Christians to live out their faith, but also to change social issues with a Christ focus. The Christ focus is very important. If we change world hunger, but have not preached to Gospel, then we have missed the point. If we rid the world of pornography, but no one turns to Christ, we have failed. If we rid the world of human trafficking, but an entire nation is damned to hell, we have disobeyed the commands of Christ. Christ is our focus, our aim, and the goal of our race; and apart from him we can do nothing (John 15:5). Everything we do on Young Christians is focused on preaching the gospel with a by-product of changing a nation.

Because this is our focus we must make one thing clear. We are not here to tell everyone else they are wrong. We are not a ministry that yells at non-Christians for not living Godís way; but a ministry that shows people the love of Jesus, and then lets Jesus change their mind about such things. Our goal is not to change peopleís mind about social issues.† Our goal is to show them Jesus, have them repent and believe in Jesus, then show them a Biblical way of living for Jesus. If we forget Jesus, and only preach against social issues we have become religious hypocrites, like the Pharisees, who infuriated Jesus. We must not become like this. That is why it is so important that everything we do has a foundation of, live for Jesus, live for Jesus, live for Jesus.

That is our main focus, but here is how we have come to administer that focus. As you may have read, our mission statement is: Bringing young passionate Christians together, giving them a voice and embracing their talents, to change the world for Jesus. As said above our focus is to get young Christians to live their life for Christ, to find and use their God-given talents for the glory of God. We get young Christians to use their gifts to change social issues, large scale social issues such as abortion, human trafficking, gay marriage rights, La Senzaís or Victoria’s Secret marketing style, slave labor. There is an endless amount of social issues that go on in todayís society. And one by one, we can change them, giving people a Biblical worldview. Here is how you can get involved to change the world for Jesus.

You start with an idea, a passion, a quest, an issue that you hate, get fired up over, and then you change it. For instance let say you are angered by the fact that creationism is not taught in public schools, but only Darwinism. Then you would take your talent and use it to push back against your desired social issue. Letís say your talent was graphic design. So you would start to design a poster, which condemns that schools only teach Darwinism, and schools should also be teaching creationism. You would then take your poster and put it up everywhere. Thirdly you would upload the design onto Young Christians (Speak Out). This would allow others who want to stop the secluded teaching of Darwinism to use the poster and hang up everywhere they could. Then you as an individual would find other people with the same passion, not necessarily the same interests, but the same passion of changing the same social issue. Then as a group you work together with a vast amount of skills and talents to change the desired social issue.

But you donít just stop there you become active in stopping it. Let me give you an example. There is a group out there called Stop The Traffic. They work towards getting companies to stop selling chocolate in which children in slave labor picked the cocoa beans that were used to make that chocolate. A group of people came together and started to attack companies that used trafficked children. They started with Cadbury; they wrote letters to Cadbury explaining that what they were doing is wrong, and promised not to eat or buy Cadbury Chocolate until they could guarantee that trafficked kids did not make their chocolate. They hosted not trafficked chocolate fondue parties, and let everyone know what they were doing. As you know what? As a result Cadbury chocolate is slave labor free! You see what a group of individuals can do? They can stand up and make a difference for Jesus. This is what our aim is, but in many areas. Not to just send in letters, but to find practical ways of influencing people!

Youth pastors, this is also a great opportunity for you to get your youth to start living for Christ. Pose a question to your youth. Ask them questions such as; what problems does our world face today? Force them to get really specific. Eventually it will come down to the root of a problem, an unbiblical social issue. They will automatically work their way to the one unbiblical social issue that a majority are passionate about. People have a tendency to go towards their passions. So once they have hit something that angers them about our society, start pushing further. Ask questions like, why is that so wrong? What affects is it having on our world today? What does God say about things like this? Talk until they really understand what is so unbiblical about it, at the same time this will heighten their hatred toward it. Then pose a simple question, What if you could change it? Let them think about it, what if they could change it, because in all reality they can. The only reason the world is the way it is, is because we allow it. But we can change that. We can change the world for Jesus!

Now I need to talk about the purpose of the website Young Christians (Speak out). One of the purposes of the website is to bring people together that have similar passions on changing unbiblical social issues, so that together they can be encouraged, learn from one another, and work together to change the world.

Another purpose it serves is an information board. Anytime you do research on an unbiblical social issue, you would upload all the information you have learned onto Young Christians. This way many other people can come onto Young Christians and use the information. As the Young Christians website grows so will this information. Eventually we hope to have a full board of information where anyone came come and find reliable information on social issues.

Young Christians can be used as a forum board where members, leaders, and even random people, can log on and talk to other members, see what has been working for them, getting ideas for their projects, and so on.

Of course there are more ways to help then the ones I have listed above. We need a new video to promote the site. The one on the front page is just a temporary video until we have one made. So if you have any experience in filming, editing, or the like you would be perfect for the job! If none of these are your areas of expertise give me an email and we will find some place for you to serve.

Regis Wengel

Author: Jim Blake

I am the project leader for Young Christians (Speak Out). I am also the National Chairman of Concerned Christians Canada, and am the husband of one wife and father of six children. I have been a guest speaker at church events have been involved in pastoral conferences, have been a presenter at political events involving both Christians and non-Christians and have advocated for the rights of individuals who have been persecuted for sharing their faith. I have been a spokesman for Christian values in the secular media and on Christian Radio and TV. Also, I have been in talks with leaders from Church and Parachurch organizations and have had one-on-one meetings with high ranking politicians. Praise be to God for the doors that He opened for me to minister and work for God and the kingdom. To learn about Concerned Christians Canada, feel free to visit