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Why do we have to go through tough stuff? we as Christians are not sure why we go through the things we do. It doesn’t always make sense. I mean why do we have to experience the death of a friend, or the parting of a loved one? Why do we have to change the things we like or the ways we do things in order to get along with others? Why do we have to deal with drugs and alcohol, backbiting and gossip, hurt and pain? To us who do not see the big picture, life seems unfair, unreasonable, and hard. But there is a reason that we go through these things, and God has a plan for every heart. He has a use for every experience, every testimony. Sometimes all it takes is for us to step back from the feelings, away from the moment, to see that everything works together for good for those that love God and are called according to His purpose. There is not always a perfect way to explain these things, not always a right answer, but there is always a reason. Sometimes our tough times are a result of our own actions, often they are a result of others reacting through their hurt and pain, but whatever the case, all the experiences and situations that we go through need to be met with an attitude of wanting to become more holy, wanting to grow, and wanting to helps others do the same. Often when we go through hard times we forget that our reactions effect, and more importantly, are an example to others around us. We forget that we are supposed to be a light in this dark world. But that’s where we can grow, where we can be conformed to the image of Christ…when we are in the weakest moments, the moments when we are often the most moldable. And if we remember that, we can also help others when they are in their weakest moments, share with them the love of Christ. The biggest thing that hard times bring is opportunities. And whether its using them to grow ourselves, or helping others to grow, we need to use the situations not dwell one them.

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