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Now every month the youth whose article gets the most votes, by different users will get the article of the month for that social issue

that’s neat 😀:D

Yes, every writer and commenter would have an account

Now, the idea is that the article of the month would appear at the top of the section for the whole month and it would be highlighted

and just out of curiosity what information would we have to put to have a account

so that others could clearly see that it was the article of the month for that topic.

oh okay, I like that idea, good point 😀:D

I am still trying to get my head around that

I think that like facebook there would be information that could be entered into the profile for reference sake, which would be able to be displayed or not (publicly) by the choice of the profile owner.

So in the profile, some basics would be needed

name, city, province, school currently attended, or last attended (if graduated), etc

Now some of that could be hidden from display, but would need to be put in for a part of the project that I am about to discuss

ah oh okay, that’s okay with me, I know some of these sites these day request home address or telephone numbers stuff like that is a little weird to have on websites

Yah, none of that

Now let’s got to the discussion on phase 2

sweet, then I am okay with the profile then 😀:D


Phase 1 is to get young Christians critically thinking and discussing important social issues from a Biblical worldview, like abortion, pre-marital sex, divorce, genecide,caring for the homeless, preaching the gospel, evangelism, etc

okay those are good topics,

Phase 2 is to create a printed publication, like a magazine, which would be (initially) distributed to all MPs, MLAs, and Aldermen across the country.

Each office would receive 1 magazine per month.


There would be the opportunity to order more copies at a price per copy

oh okay, that’s cool

Which would help to keep the project funded and not only operating but expanding.

Now imagine, suddenly, from no voice, to a nation wide voice.

Can you see how Christian youth could start to make a difference?

Now if we can get some people to donate to the project and to help fund it, that would really help to get things rolling quicker

I want to build up a fund that would pay for the printing of the first three publications

And some wages for me as I work on the project

I need volunteers and writers

yeah, I could try to help, this is something that I would like to be a part of, in what ways could I help you?


Do you get the vision?

and are you excited about it?

like going from no voice for youth, to a nation wide voice for youth, am I right?


Christian youth

yeah opps right

and yes I am pumped!

Everyone that signs up for a free account will need to acknowledge a basic statement of faith.

I am not going to be a nazi about it, but there needs to be some basic standards.

so like state they are Christians, or what exactly?

In other words, this is a website for Christian youth to have a voice and to make a difference

oh okay, so you will have rules for this website then?

A statement of faith which says, that they believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that he came and lived a perfect life, died on the cross for our sins, that he rose from the dead and ascended to the right hand of the Father…

okay, I like that

and I am okay with that

That they confess Him as their savior and Lord and that they have decided to follow Jesus no matter what the cost.

You get my meaning?

Did I lose you?

right no I understand sorry I am a little bit slower at reading that’s all

No worries… all that sound fine?

yeah that sounds great, so what could I do to pitch in and help out then?

Ok, I need other youth to get involved. I need youth with various talents; graphic designers, writers, web designers, video editors, 3d animators, students in the journalism program, english majors, etc

All kinds of youth with all kinds of talent to see the vision and bring their talents and vision to the table.

I need a solid group of team players

okay, I can be on the team, and I can see if any of the youth I know have any of those talents, I have designed a couple websites for school 3 years ago, so I still know a little bit

Okay, talk to as many as you can and ask them to pass the work along. I am going to post more information from our discussion here today on the website, to answer the same kinds of questions that you asked.

That way you can just point them to the about page

I will try to get that up by the end of tomorrow.

You want to hear about phase 3?

okay that sounds great to me, I have this page now booked mark on my homepage of my computer so I can show people, and yes please what is phase 3?

Very cool

Phase 3 is using to launch many other projects from the talented group of Christian youth and to invite talent scouts to come and recruit Christians who have shown their stuff and have shown themselves to be solid thinkers

oh okay, very cool

Now imagine a nation with generations of young people who now know that they can make a difference being recruited all over the place and taking their boldness and Christian worldview with them to speak with boldness wherever they may go

I like that idea, so is this only for the province of alberta, or for canada?

All of Canada

I have some interested youth in Saskatchewan already, and I haven’t even officially announced it yet

I think that this is really going to be amazing.

But I need a solid team of talented youth with passion, drive and commitment to help me.

They need to see the vision

As it says in the Bible, my people perish for lack of vision

(or knowledge)

yeah because it;s giving Christian youth a place to voice their opinions and be heard for once on something that they can reflect on, and I see the vision may I be on the team then Mr. Blake?

Of course, I would be happy to have you!

And any other enthusiastic youth that love the Lord and want to make a difference!

awesome! okay I will ask around, is your daughter in on this to then ?

Everyone has talents to bring to the table, the key is willingness


She is excited as well

She will be more excited when the website is fully up and running.

I am really praying that God will send me a young person who is really talented with WordPress.

awesome, I will ask my sister tomorrow haha when she is awake and yes so your hoping it will be up in 2011 then ?

I am weak there.

and what is Word Press?

WordPress is the platform on which the web project is built. You can read about it here –

There is a book to get up to speed on it, but I don’t have the time to do all that I am doing and that part as well.

I will learn it if I have to, but I would rather focus my energies on organizing the various projects that I have under way, and bring the right people in on things.

oh okay, yeah sounds like you have a lot on your plate, and I will ask around I have some older friends that may be able to help out with that part

Cool, any help you can provide in getting the ball rolling would be excellent!

I really appreciate it Breann

your welcome, I do and can write later on some articles about some of the topics, but i have to pray about that and see if that’s what God wants for me, is that ok?

Every person who has an account on the website can chose if and when they want to write. Everyone who gets involved with the project and commits will receive their reward. The Lord is faithful. You don’t have to write on anything if you don’t want to or you can write on as many topics as you want.

The idea is to get youth involved in making this a reality for all Christian youth across Canada

and using their thoughts to change the nation, one article at a time.

yeah, I will see when the time comes if I want to write, I will be a part, but depending on school writing might be to much at the moment, grade 11 is harder then I thought

I know.

I don’t want to spread you to thin, so be wise.

and I do appreciate any help that you can reasonably provide.

haha good point, and will I try to help as much as I can


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